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I'm Not Dead Yet!

It wasn't until Grace poked me the other week that I realized that it's been, like, a gazillion years since I've updated this thing, and really, I haven't meant to desert you! But since I can't very well tell you EVERYTHING that's happened since my last real post, I'll try to give you some of the highlights. Hold on tight!

-- Student Teaching/ Graduate School
Done and done! Overall, my student teaching experience wasn't so bad. It made me realize that I certainly don't want to teach in the Philly school system, but there were still a whole heck of a lot of good and great and wonderful things that came out of my time at Washington. My cooperating teacher was really nice and helpful, which is more than I know a lot of my fellow student teachers could say about theirs, and there were any number of super swell kids. Still, I was glad when I finished back in May, and even more so when I finished up my Grad work which was largely a huge waste of money and time. I came out of the ordeal with my teaching certification, though, so it served its purpose.

-- The Wedding
Wonderful! For all the stress and trouble that the wedding planning caused me, I was very relieved and happy when everything turned out all right in the end. There was a rather major issue that occurred the night before the big day, which I am not at liberty to nor do I feel the inclination to discuss, but it's all water under the bridge now and I'm moving on. For the day itself, people kept telling me for months ahead of time, "Some things are bound to go wrong, but you just can't let them get you down and you should have a good time anyway." I am happy to report that, at least in my case, the people were wrong. There were no catastrophes or mishaps on the wedding day, everything ran smoothly, and I feel/hope that everyone involved had a great time. It was a really nice ceremony-- the minister was on the ball and was funny to boot. The reception was beautiful and there was eating and dancing and drinking, and who can ask for anything more? The honeymoon went really well, also. We had gorgeous weather in Orlando with very little rain, our hotel (Port Orleans French Quarter) was lovely and peaceful and very well put-together. Besides the amusement parks we also spent some time in Downtown Disney, drinking and going to the Adventurer's Club (fun place... hoopla!), at one point we rented a boat and terrorized the local water life, and generally had an awesome time.
So now I'm an ol' married woman! I ended up taking Jake's last name after all, though there was plenty o' discussion about it. It was a tad pain-in-the-ass-y to change my name the way I wanted (first name, maiden name as middle name, Jake's last name), but in the end I persevered. While it hasn't even been a month yet, I'm so far a big fan of married life. Jake and I are getting along better than ever, especially since.....

-- I Got A Job!
No, you did not mishear me, you do not need the turn the volume up... I got a job! Finally! After a whole summer of looking and fretting! Nothing was turning up, none of my job inquiries were shaping up, none of my interviews were turning into offers-- I had resigned myself to per-diem substitute teaching until the time when something came through. Then suddenly over the last few days there was a flurry of activity two consecutive interviews, and now I have a job teaching 9th grade English in Quakertown School District. The negatives-- it's a long term sub position, not a contracted position, I just got the job yesterday so I am ill-prepared to start on Sept. 2, and the job is, as previously stated, in Quakertown, which is way up in Po-dunk-ville, about an hour and 10 minute drive from my apartment. The positives-- I'll be getting paid at least double what I would be paid as a per-diem sub, it gives me some much-needed teaching experience that will help me to get a contracted position, and Quakertown is an excellent school district with a good reputation. Plus, I'm going in tomorrow to sign some papers and see my classroom, and I should be getting the materials I need and meeting with some of the other English teachers, who have already emailed me some stuff ti help me out. Overall, I am very pleased with the way things turned out, and I'm really glad that something popped up in the nick of time.

-- I Almost Died!
Okay, so maybe that's an overstatement. But I did have a very scary experience. I was in my first-ever car accident, and it wasn't even my fault! I had been doing laundry over my parents' house, and I was in the process of driving back to my apartment Saturday night, when suddenly I felt this big !bump! and my car started spinning. I ended up partially up a hill on the opposite side of the street, facing completely the other direction, and in a state of shock and confusion. Turns out some frickin' frackin' S.O.B. hit me! Left some bigass dents and scratches on my left rear and a busted taillight. AND he had the audacity to try to blame it on me, saying the I must have been pulling out of a driveway or something. The police came and said the he must have either a.) not stopped at the stop sign or watched where he was going when he was merging onto my road, or b.) he was trying to pass me on a one-lane road and hit me. Either way, I'm not at fault, but my insurance doesn't cover collision on my car and his insurance people (State Farm) are twiddling their thumbs and scratching their butts. Really, please don't go with State Farm insurance. It's Thursday, and they're saying that the accident is still "under investigation" and that they don't have the police report yet, even though I faxed it to them yesterday. My car still isn't even in the shop! I finally caved and got a rental car and hopefully they'll have to reimburse me, bc I need to drive up to Po-dunk tomorrow!

All right, that's about it with me. Ideally I'll get on a more regular schedule with updating this thing, but don't hold your breath. Unless you have a thing for asphyxiation. Then... by all means.

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