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I'm not dead yet!

Yes, people, I'm still around, though who knows for how much longer... Seriously, April was/is/will continue to be the the bitch of the year. This month I need to:

A.) Continue with my student-teaching work--- Friday night I worked non-stop from 4 PM to I AM, only pausing for dinner, on school work. On the up-side, I now have all my students' papers graded (1 class' Canterbury Tales tests, 3 classes' research paper outlines and essays on "The War Prayer" by Mark Twain and "On Resistance to Civil Government" by Thoreau. Next week I have my fourth and last observation. While my supervising teacher has been impressed by all my work so-far, I feel the need to do something different, and therefore better, this time around. Oh, and I need to finally get my teaching certification application sent in. I'm sure I'm late, but I need to go see a friggin doctor, apparently, so I have an appointment this Wednesday.

B.) Finish my flipping teaching portfolio--- For my S.O.B. teaching seminar class I need to make this behemoth of a teaching portfolio, complete with eight 8-page lesson plans, reflections, and examples of student work that reflect the "6 Temple Standards." Never mind that I didn't even know Temple had standards until this seminar class. I need to defend my portfolio in front of a panel on April 30--- Luckily, I got to go last bc I bitched at my prof. about my lack of "acceptable" lessons to supplement my portfolio (the entire month of March was PSSA review for my 3 Junior classes, and apparently PSSA review doesn't reflect Temple's standards).

C.) Work on getting a job for the Fall--- I have a screening interview tomorrow evening at North Penn School District (I went to the Delaware Valley Teaching Consortium in March and they followed up). I'm trying not to get my hopes up bc it's a really good district, but I can't help crossing my fingers. I've been working gradually on filling out the PA Reap teaching application, but Thursday night I got a call from the North Penn lady and they said they wanted to be able to upload all my info. from PA Reap by Monday. So Thursday night I worked 4 hours on completing that, including the 7 mini-essays that blew my mind because they were limited to 300 characters apiece. I rocked, though-- never fear-- and each essay comes out around the 297-399 character mark. Go me. I also updated my cover letters and resume for the umpteenth time.

D.) Wedding--- After I realized that an October wedding was out of the question, I remember wanting to get married in June. Now I thank my lucky stars that the wedding was pushed back till August, bc I don't know how I would have been able to complete all the endless tasks by June. I've had no time to get anything done. Last week I did manage to go out with the girls to pick out bridesmaids' dresses, but it's ben tight. Jake and I just ordered the wedding invitations yesterday. We still need to find some ceremony musicians (we're hoping some college music majors or something-- if you know anyone who'd do, please drop me a line), and officially book a florist. Not to mention finalize the details with Yardley CC, the caterer, the photographer, the DJ, the officiant dude, and who knows who all else. Why oh why didn't we elope when we had the chance?

Whew, okay, I'm finished with all the bitching now, for the time being, at least. Once May hits things will become much simpler. My student teaching is up May 2, and my portfolio panelist thing is on April 30, so once April is over a lot of the pressure will be off my shoulders. THEN I can focus my efforts on the wedding planning and finding a teaching position. So, anyways, some people should hit me up to catch up and hang out starting in May. I need to let loose and do something embarrassing.

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